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Fairway Hydraulics are one of the UK's leading suppliers of industry standard Cartridge Valves and CETOP Valves. In addition to these products, Fairway also supply an extensive range of Mobile Valves and Line Mounted Valves.
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Hydraulic valves are an integral part of any hydraulic system and stock quality, brand name valves from manufactures such as Integrated Hydraulics, Eaton, Vickers and Walvoil.

Our Products Include:


Hydraulic screw-in cartridge valves offer benefits as well as savings.

Screw-in cartridge valve technology enables us to concentration of any number of hydraulic control functions into a single block, whether it is a single valve dictating the descent of a cylinder or an elaborate manifold (Hydraulic Integrated Circuit) controlling all the operations of a machine, benefiting the machine builder with improvements in performance and reduction in costs.

By exploiting cartridge valve technology systems will require fewer pipe work connections eliminating potential leak paths and so the possible environmental impact of a machine and reducing the systems pressure losses. In service, productivity improvements and cost savings can be achieved as maintenance and fault diagnosis can be considerably eased and if a cartridge does need to be replaced it can be done simply and quickly.

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