About Us

Since 1975 Fairway Hydraulics have specialised in the supply of hydraulic components to businesses of the UK, Europe and rest of the world. 2019 has seen a rapid expansion for the business and Fairway Hydraulics have responded by moving to new premises on the outskirts of Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Fairway Hydraulics are proud to have global agreements with brands such as Eaton Industries and Euro Fluid. These agreements allow Fairway Hydraulics to offer a diverse selection of products from screw-in-cartridge valves and manifolds to power packs and customised innovation. Fairway Hydraulics also offer a bespoke service, whereby a solution can be designed through 3D design and modelling, by in-house engineers who can offer problem solving and technical support.

Fairway Hydraulics, within their new premises, offer their clients a storage solution. This storage solution enables Fairway’s clients to store parts and components until they are required. This storage solution means that Fairway are able to provide replacement parts at short notice.