Fairway Hydraulics celebrate a rich heritage in the pneumatics and mechanics industry stretching well over forty years.  The company has evolved to embrace the scientific breakthroughs in the field of engineering to ensure they are always ahead of the curve. As a result of their dedication and commitment to the industry, Fairway Hydraulics have secured an excellent reputation as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of specialist hydraulics.

Partnering with Danfoss (formerly Eaton), the market leader and pioneers of the hydraulics industry, Fairway Hydraulics offer customers the very best in hydraulic innovation and quality along with a commitment to provide a full technical support package and after-sales service.

To complement their partnership with Danfoss, Fairway Hydraulics are also the leading distributor for Eurofluid Hydraulic products, specialising in the design and manufacture of manifolds. This includes both bespoke and standard manifold production, demonstrating excellent product knowledge combined with state-of-the-art technology.

From their Head Quarters in Worcestershire, Fairway Hydraulics manufacture and stock a wide range of hydraulic solutions for a diverse customer base across a number of sectors including the automotive, engineering and construction industries.

In addition to standard valves and components, Fairway Hydraulics can supply bespoke customised hydraulic products built specifically using cutting-edge technology to meet the individual requirements of trusted customers.