Dredger Bucket Circuits

Dredger buckets carry all of their hydraulics within the design. The operation demands the use of reversible pumps and ancillary unloading valves which negates the need for directional valves. A compact package of cartridge valves in a manifold gives the best possible solution.

On-Board Mixers

Running off the ring main, the control of speed and torque can create problems. By mounting the pressure compensated flow regulator and a pressure reducer on each of the motors, the control takes place at the actuator which negates the effect of back pressure caused by long hose runs.

Winch Control

Overcentre cartridges provide “on motor” control of a winch, along with shuttle valves and pressure reducing valves for brake operation.

Steering Systems

Proportional control systems demand special motion controls which are insensitive to back pressure created by meter out proportional directional valves.