Overcentre Control

On drill rigs it is important that the booms remain in a steady position when drilling so the low leakage overcentre valve is ideal for this application. Smooth movement and deceleration are vital for accurate positioning of the booms. Once again, the IH overcentre range provides the best possible solution.

Rod Handling Control

A compact manifold containing all of the controls to give eff‌icient automatic change of drill rods.

Brake Circuits

Pump unloading valves are used in accumulator circuits to provide back up in the case of hydraulic failure.

Tipping Control

When tipping, the momentum of the skip and loaded material can cause a runaway condition. To overcome this, overcentre valves are used in conjunction with various orif‌ice and anti-cavitation check valves.

Special manifolds can be designed to simplify pipe work with the accumulators mounted directly to the block.

Multi-Function Integrated Circuits

Both hand brake and foot brake functions can be combined with pilot systems and steering valves to give a compact solution with improved performance.