Shuttle & Brake/Remote Sequence Valves

For complete part numbers/codes and body options please see page 2 of the PDF file where applicable.
Stock codeDescriptionRated Flow Ltrs/MinMax Pressure BarCavityPDF FileAdd to enquiry
1SH10Shuttle Valve -Ball Type20350A169271SH10.pdf
1SH20Shuttle Valve -Ball Type20350A8931SH20.pdf
1SB10Brake Sequence – Offset Sliding Spool10350A8931SB10.pdf
1SB202Brake Sequence – Pilot Operated Spool- Pilot Pressure 15 To 14020350A55721SB202.pdf
1RDS202-1 /1RDS202-2Remote Pilot Operated Spool -2 Way,2-Position – Normally Open/Normall Closed – Pilot Pressure 10 To 120 Bar30350A55721RDS202-1_1RDS202-2.pdf
1RDS302-1 /1RDS302-2Remote Pilot Operated Spool – Normally Open/Normall Closed – Pilot Pressure 5 To 100 Bar30350A53021RDS302-1_1RDS302-2.pdf
1RDS303-1 /1RDS303-2Direct Acting Pressure Sequence – Normally Open/Normally Closed – Pilot Pressure 10 To 100 Bar30350A53021RDS303.pdf
1SB304Brake Release Shuttle Valve-Pilot Operated Spool 10 To 100 Bar (Max Pilot Pressure 210 Bar)30350A53021SB304.pdf
1HSH20Hot Oil Shuttle20350CVB-22-06-01HSH20-S.pdf
1HSH701Hot Oil Shuttle80420A21145Contact sales team
1RDS702Remote Sequence -Pilot Operated Spool80420A211451RDS702.pdf
1HSH26/1HSH756Hot Oil Shuttle & Purge Relief Valve20 Ltrs (1HSH26) / 75 Ltrs (1HSH756)Max Working Pressure 400 Bar – Max Setting 100 Bar (1HSH26) – 70 Bar 1HSH756N/A1HSH26_756.pdf
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