3 Way, 2-Position

For complete part numbers/codes and body options please see page 2 of the PDF file where applicable. Due to the manufacturers rationalisation program some of the products under this category are due to be phased out. For more information please check with our sales team.
Stock codeDescriptionRated Flow Ltrs/MinMax Pressure BarCavityPDF FileAdd to enquiry
S220(H)3- Way,2-Position Spool14210A3531S220(H).pdf
S520(H)3-Way,2-Position Spool40210A12743S520(H).pdf
S221(H)3- Way,2-Position Spool20210A3531S221(H).pdf
S521(H)3- Way,2-Position Spool44210A12743S521(H).pdf
S2223-Way,2-Position Spool20100A18333S222N.pdf
S2283-Way,2-Position Spool1550A18333S228.pdf
S2293-Way,2- Position Poppet12210A3531S229.pdf
S525(H)3-Way,2-Position Spool30210A12743S525(H).pdf
S5263-Way,2-Position Spool35210A12743S526.pdf
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