Check Valves

For complete part numbers/codes and body options please see page 2 of the PDF file where applicable.
Stock codeDescriptionRated Flow Ltrs/MinMax Pressure BarCavityPDF FileAdd to enquiry
CV3-4Check Valve- Direct7.6350C-4-2CV3-4.pdf
CV3-8Check Valve- Direct30350C-8-2CV3-8-P.pdf
CV3-10Check Valve- Direct76210C-10-2CV13-10_CV3-10.pdf
CV13-10Check Valve- Direct76350C-10-2CV13-10_CV3-10.pdf
CV11-12Check Valve- Direct114350C-12-2(U)CV11-12.pdf
CV1-16Check Valve- Direct151210C-16-2CV1-16_CV11-16.pdf
CV11-16Check Valve- Direct151350C-16-2CV1-16_CV11-16.pdf
CV2-20Check Valve- Direct227210C-20-2CV2-20.pdf
CV6-10Check Valve- Direct76350C-10-2CV6-10.pdf
CV6-16Check Valve- Direct151210C-16-2CV6-16.pdf
SPC2-8Check Valve - Pilot -To - Open19240C-8-3SPC2-8.pdf
SPC2-10Check Valve - Pilot -To - Open23240C-10-3SPC2-10.pdf
DPC2-8Dual Pilot Checks19240C-8-4DPC2-8.pdf
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