Flow Control Valves

For complete part numbers/codes and body options please see page 2 of the PDF file where applicable.
Stock codeDescriptionRated Flow Ltrs/MinMax Pressure BarCavityPDF FileAdd to enquiry
FAR1-10Flow Regulator With Check1-38310C-10-2FAR1-10.pdf
FAR1-12Flow Regulator With Check1.5-95310C-12-2(U)FAR1-12.pdf
FAR1-16Flow Regulator With Check3.8-114310C-16-2FAR1-16.pdf
FCV11-12Needle Valve114350C-12-2(U)FCV11-12.pdf
FCV6-16Needle Valve208210C-16-2FCV6-16.pdf
FCV7-10Needle Valve45210C-10-2FCV7-10.pdf
NV1-10Needle Valve45210C-10-2NV1-10.pdf
NV1-16Needle Valve151210C-16-2NV1-16.pdf
NV1-20Needle Valve265210C-20-2NV1-20.pdf
NV1-8Needle Valve45280C-8-2NV1-8.pdf
2CFRC60Pressure Compensated Flow Regulator – Restrictive Style – Reverse Check4-60350A74472CFRC60.pdf
2CFP60Pressure Compensated Flow Regulator – Priority StyleInlet 90 (Reg 4-60)350CVA-27-04-02CFP60.pdf
2FRPressure Compensated Flow Regulator – Restrictive StyleRegulated 30-155-95-195210N/AContact sales team
2FRCPressure Compensated Flow Regulator- Restrictive – Reverse CheckRegulated 55-95-195210N/AContact sales team
2FBPressure Compensated Flow Regulator – BypassInlet 55-285 & Regulated 30-195210N/AContact sales team
2FBARPressure Compensated Flow Regulator – Bypass Style With ReliefInlet 55-285 & Regulated 30-195210N/A2FBAR.pdf
2FPPressure Compensated Flow Regulator – Priority StyleInlet 55-380 & Regulated 30-160210N/A2FP.pdf
2FPH55/95/195Pressure Compensated Flow Regulator/Diverter – Priority Style – Solenoid SwitchInlet 95-380 & Regulated 55-160280 (2FPH55) & 350 (2FPH95/195)N/A2FPH.pdf
2FPH250/350Pressure Compensated Regulator/Diverter,Priority Style – Solenoid SwitchInlet 350 & 450 Regulated 200 & 350350N/A2FPH.pdf
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