2 Way, 2-Position Normally Open

For complete part numbers/codes and body options please see page 2 of the PDF file where applicable.
Stock codeDescriptionRated Flow Ltrs/MinMax Pressure BarCavityPDF FileAdd to enquiry
SBV11-12-ONormally Open Bi – Directional Poppet114350C-12-2/2USBV11-12-O.pdf
SBV11-10-ONormally Open Bi-Directional Poppet76350C-10-2SBV11-10-O.pdf
SBV11-8-ONormally Open Bi-Directional Poppet60350C-8-2SBV11-8-O.pdf
SV3-12-ONormally Open Poppet 2- Way,2-Position114210C-12-2/2USV3-12-O.pdf
SV3-16-ONormally Open Poppet 2- Way,2-Position132210C-16-2SV3-16-O.pdf
SV3-20-ONormally Open Poppet 2- Way,2-Position227210C-20-2SV3-20-O.pdf
SV13-12-ONormally Open Poppet 2-Way,2- Position114350C-12-2/2USV13-12-O.pdf
SV13-16-ONormally Open Poppet 2-Way,2- Position132350C-16-2SV13-16-O.pdf
SV13-20-ONormally Open Poppet 2-Way,2- Position227350C-20-2SV13-20-O.pdf
SV15-10-ONormally Open Poppet 2,Way – 2 Position45350C-10-2SV15-10-O.pdf
SV15-8-ONormally Open Poppet 2,Way – 2 Position37350C-8-2SV15-8-O.pdf
SV3-8-ONormally Open Poppet 2,Way – 2 Position23210C-8-2SV3-8-O.pdf
SV5-10-ONormally Open Poppet 2,Way – 2 Position45210C-10-2SV5-10-O.pdf
SV5-8-ONormally Open Poppet 2,Way – 2 Position23210C-8-2SV5-8-O.pdf
SV13-10-ONormally Open Poppet 2,Way – 2 Position – Free Reverse Flow45350C-10-2SV13-10-O.pdf
SV3-10-ONormally Open Poppet 2,Way – 2 Position – Free Reverse Flow45210C-10-2SV3-10-O.pdf
SV14-10-ONormally Open Spool 2-Way,2-Position23350C-10-2SV14-10-O.pdf
SV14-8-ONormally Open Spool 2-Way,2-Position13350C-8-2SV14-8-O.pdf
SV4-10-ONormally Open Spool 2-Way,2-Position23210C-10-2SV4-10-O.pdf
SV4-8-ONormally Open Spool 2-Way,2-Position13210C-8-2SV4-8-O.pdf
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