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BM100PPC02Base for Hydronit modular blocks 100bar max
BM250PPC02Base for Hydronit modular blocks 250bar max
STB01in-line bidirectional flow valve 1/4" BSPP
STB02in-line bidirectional flow valve 3/8" BSPP
STBSAE06in-line bidirectional flow valve 9/16" BSPP
VUR01Cin-line check valve 1/4" BSPP
VUR02Cin-line check valve 3/8" BSPP
VURSAE06Cin-line check valve 9/16-18UNF
BFCSAE0801In-line mounting SAE08 manifold 1/4"BSPP
BFCSAE0802In-line mounting SAE08 manifold 3/8"BSPP
STU01in-line unidirectional flow valve 1/4" BSPP
STU02in-line unidirectional flow valve 3/8" BSPP
STUSAE06in-line unidirectional flow valve 9/16" BSPP
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